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Why the World Needs a New Search Interface Aug 16, 2012
The traditional web search interface is almost as old as the web itself. Apart from being slow and barely usable, it is bad for the search business. It is high time it got replaced with something modern.

Beyond Google Chrome Jul 29, 2012
Google Chrome's user interface is fairly minimal compared to what came before, but there is room for improvement. In fact, there is so much room for improvement that we can add an order of magnitude more functionality with better usability in the same space as Google Chrome's Omnibox.

Google's Endgame Jan 22, 2010
Google's decision to confront the Chinese government on censorship has surprised everyone. The decision has jeopardized Google's Chinese operations for apparently no gain. It turns out that the gains are there. They are just hard to spot as they are not intended for the usual suspects: the investors.

What Microsoft Wants from Yahoo Jul 07, 2008
Microsoft has been chasing Yahoo for quite a while now. Most people think that it all started with Microsoft's acquisition bid for Yahoo, but this is not so. It is well-known that Microsoft and Yahoo have been negotiating since at least May of 2006, and may have been negotiating since 2003. Clearly, Microsoft wants something important from Yahoo; however, precisely what Microsoft wants has not been clear until now.

How much was Kiko really worth? Oct 11, 2006
Ebay auctions can reveal a lot of interesting and valuable information. Unfortunately, few people bother to study the bid data generated by Ebay auctions and fail to benefit from the patterns hidden there. The web calendaring startup Kiko's auction is a classic example of an opportunity wasted because of insufficient analysis. In Kiko's case, the cost ran into the millions.

Mindstorms NXT: Mindstorms Resurrected? May 03, 2006
Lego seems to have taken up programmable construction toys again with Mindstorms NXT, but this is not so. Mindstorms NXT signals only the continuation of Lego's long standing strategy of keeping programmable construction toys confined to a niche.

Lego Mindstorms: What Went Wrong? Nov 27, 2005
In recent years, Lego Mindstorms has generated more media buzz for Lego than all of its other product lines combined, but astonishingly, Mindstorms seem to be out of favor at Lego. Why?

Google's Bid-for-placement Patent Settlement Cover-up May 31, 2005
Why did a well-respected, highly profitable company that professes to do no evil choose to misguide potential investors and shareholders? UPDATED!!!

Making Gmail Work Mar 02, 2005
Google needs to deal with Gmail users' ad blindness before it can make money with Gmail. Ad blindness is a tough problem to tackle, but Gmail's peculiar business model enables an interesting solution.

Sun Microsystems' x86 Strategy Dec 20, 2004
The last few years have been quite scary for Sun Microsystems, but the company is back on track. Sun is cutting back on its proprietary hardware and has a sound plan to combat all the competitive threats facing its business.

The Webmail Wars Nov 10, 2004
Microsoft and Yahoo are in a rush to copy Gmail's functionality, but it makes sense for them to copy more than just the interface, and storage quotas. Gmail's business model suits Microsoft and Yahoo even more than it suits Google, and this is what Microsoft and Yahoo will be copying next.

Business Lessons from Sialkot Nov 01, 2004
While writing this article it occurred to me that I am running a most unusual startup in the guise of this website. The startup has no capital, no revenues, and no business plan. Is the experiment doomed? Well, I come from Sialkot, and Sialkot's entrepreneurs are absolute masters at what I am doing.

Do Hits Matter? Oct 03, 2004
Bloggers care a lot about web-traffic, but not all blogs can be popular. Fortunately, blog success and blog popularity do not have any great correlation, and bloggers need to get over their obsession with hits.

Has Google Blundered with the Gmail Beta? Aug 28, 2004
Google's Gmail service has brought a lot of innovative ideas to the webmail scene, and webmail users are ecstatic about the new functionality. Shockingly, Google is intent on missing out on the financial rewards of the company's hard work.

Why Microsoft is to Blame Jul 18, 2004
Windows users are getting burned by the non-existent security of Microsoft's operating system. But, instead of addressing the real issues, Microsoft is out on a public relations offensive to avert blame and disinform the public.