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Google's Endgame Jan 22, 2010
Google's decision to confront the Chinese government on censorship has surprised everyone. The decision has jeopardized Google's Chinese operations for apparently no gain. It turns out that the gains are there. They are just hard to spot as they are not intended for the usual suspects: the investors.

What Microsoft Wants from Yahoo Jul 07, 2008
Microsoft has been chasing Yahoo for quite a while now. Most people think that it all started with Microsoft's acquisition bid for Yahoo, but this is not so. It is well-known that Microsoft and Yahoo have been negotiating since at least May of 2006, and may have been negotiating since 2003. Clearly, Microsoft wants something important from Yahoo; however, precisely what Microsoft wants has not been clear until now.

Google's Bid-for-placement Patent Settlement Cover-up May 31, 2005
Why did a well-respected, highly profitable company that professes to do no evil choose to misguide potential investors and shareholders? UPDATED!!!