Overview: Average Marriage Age in the United States

As we all know that marriage or in other words, matrimony or wedlock is a beautiful way to settle or enter into each other’s lives. In other words, we also call it a contract that human beings have been following for a very long time. The two people getting married to each other are called spouses. This shows the union between the two of them that they have to keep their entire life.

We know that when a person gets married to another, he/she automatically falls under various types of rights and obligations. The same happens when they give birth to a new child. If there are rules for a husband and wife, similarly there will be rules for their children too.

Since people follow different religions and have strong beliefs in different sects, it is not important that the marriage process for the entire world would be the same. So in this case marriages may differ and vary from religion to religion.

People married at an early age but now they have started avoiding it. They demand in getting well established first before starting to run a family. Marrying a person does not only require a proper age but, a proper financial side too.

Many people spend a huge time thinking and deciding what will be the right time for them to get married. The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered is a person’s age because it plays the most important part in the decision-making process.

Men get more concerned and worried when they start planning, keeping in mind the household budget they will have to maintain. Our expenses have increased so much that this has become one reason why the average age has become totally different if we compare it to the past.

Keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, you know how the average age is affected now. But what advantages and disadvantages do these early marriages have and how does it affects a relationship financially? Well, here it is discussed the minute details regarding the average age of marriage in the United States as well as the pros and cons of it. Keep reading the article to have better knowledge about it.


What are the positive or negative effects when talking about or measuring marriage in terms of financial resources?

Everything good or bad leaves some sort of effect on a person’s life and when we talk about marriage then this is the most sensitive and complicated issue and part of one’s life. You will not disagree with the fact that this leaves the most major and biggest impact on us.

If it has some positive effects, it might also have some negative ones on you as well as your income and financial resources. For this reason, we have listed a few positive and negative effects a person might have to face in terms of his personal life as well as the financial side.

Keep them in mind if you’re also one of those who are confused about whether this is going to be a good option or not.


  • The person getting married can take the best advantage by getting home easily. A bachelor would find it hard to get one as compared to a person who is married or just got married.
  • The person once married can take advantage by getting very affordable insurance policies and packages.
  • This might help a person in saving more for his retirement.
  • The person getting married can get help when talking about savings as well as his/her past debts.


  • A person who is not financially stable can face severe pressure when it comes to his household income.
  • The person might start facing uneven balance when talking about debts.
  • If the two people are not compatible with one another then the ideas of the two might conflict which will end in resulting tension between them.
  • The major problem a lot of people face and worry about is child planning. This is a point where tension usually arises because planning a child means growing your family which is result in the growth of expenses too.
  • Money goals can be a little problematic. They can get delayed.


How can a person easily decide what is the right time of getting married?

A lot of you wonder if this is the right time to get married or not and if you’re facing such a situation, we listed a few questions that you need to ask yourself in order to find out if you’re ready for it or not. Make sure to always keep these factors in mind or you’ll end up in a situation you were never ready for.

If you simply answer these questions you will figure out if the timing is on your side or not.

  • Are we two compatible?

See if the two of you are compatible with each other and have a proper level of understanding or not.

  • If we end up having a huge gap in our incomes, will that start impacting our lives? This includes your saving, budget, debts, etc.

Make sure to evaluate how your incomes differ from each other and what impact it can leave on both of you in tough times.

  • Do you guys share a common mindset?

That’s the most important part. People who share the same mindset are expected to live a happy life. See if the person you’re going to spend your whole life with has the same mindset as you.

  • Are you stable enough to run a proper family?

This is the question you need to ask yourself. See if you are financially and emotionally stable enough to run a family or not.

  • Are you mature enough to handle complex situations?

Being mentally mature is the key factor when talking about getting married.

  • Are there any specific matters that you should be concerned about when talking about savings?

If you are a person who tries to do extra savings, see if your partner can support you in this or if he/she is just as careless about money as someone can be.

Finding your significant other is no rocket science but if you’re lucky enough to find one, make sure to keep these points in mind to know where you stand in your life, and in case you’re not left with a good option, always remember that you can always consult a financial advisor or a third party perspective to have a better clue of what you are going for.


What is the average age of people getting married all over the United States?

Since the United States cover a huge area and these states’ population and culture may vary too. Similarly, the average age of people getting married might differ from state to state. For this reason, we have listed a few states and their average age so you know where it all stands.

  • Alaska

The average age limit in Alaska is 27.5 where women get married approximately at 26.3 years of age while men at 27.9.

  • Alabama

27.1 is the average age of people getting married in Alabama.

  • California

The average age in California is 29.3.

  • Delaware

Just like in California, 29.3 is the average age of people getting married in Delaware.

  • Florida

The average age of people getting married in Florida is 29.3.

  • Georgia

The average age here is 28.1. Women usually tie the knot when they’re at the age of 27.2 years while men do that when they are 29 years.

  • Hawaii

The average age in Hawaii is 28.1. For women, it is 27.5 while for men it is 28.6 years of age.

  • Kentucky

The average age of people getting married in Kentucky is 26.9. Precisely, the average age for women is 25.9 however for men it is 27.8.


Is it a good thing to marry later than the average age or the time our parents always suggested to us?

You all know that age has always been a number. The only thing that we should be concerned about is if this marriage will lead to something good or not.

If you think you’re at the point of your life where you consider yourself as a stabled individual as well as have the perfect partner for you, then no, marrying later is no big deal.

Is same-sex or same-gender marriage legalized?

Since marrying someone of the same gender is legalized, we thought it is important for us to mention the average age of people marrying someone of the same gender.


Since it took a while for people to openly accept and show their liking, the average age of people marrying the same gender was also equally affected. Men who married the same gender fall under the average age of 46 while women on the other side, marrying someone of their gender followed under the average age of 36.

Brief summary

The average age of people getting married has become so different if we compare it to the old times. You will find it hard to believe that the average age in the United States for women was 22 and for men, it was 26.1 by 1890 and today it got raised as higher as 27.8 for women and 29.8 for men.

The more people are getting to know the complex factors of marrying at a young age, the more conscious they have started to become when it comes to taking this serious decision in life. If we can sum it up in one sentence we would do it by saying that women married at an age where they were almost three years younger than men.

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