Got married? How to change your name on a credit card

A person’s name or legal name is something that he owns for a lifetime. A name identifies a person not only when it comes to daily life but for official purposes as well as other administration-related work. But what is a legal name?

Nothing to be confused about, a person’s legal name is just the name that the person was registered at the time of his birth. This name later appears on the person’s birth certificate too. We know that various government documents always require a person’s legal name.


Many people get confused between the first and the second name of a person. To briefly explain the difference between them, we would say that a person’s first name is the name that identifies him while a person’s second name is usually the name of his father, his cast, or a woman’s husband’s name in case she is married.

Since we all know that when it comes to the legal name of a woman, it is quite obvious to know that it will get changed once she gets married or divorced. In such a situation, women always end up getting their legal names changed. Although this wouldn’t be the only reason for a person to get his name changed because there are situations when people decide of changing their names to something that suits their personality.

Changing your legal names is no rocket science because it can be done in the simplest ways but these changes include your National Identity card as well passport, your previous important documents and credit cards, etc.

The person getting his name changed will do the entire process legally, making sure he gets all of his/her government and official documents changed. A lot of people think if they will have to change the name on their credit cards too or not. Well, we have the right answer for you.

Yes, any person for any reason can get his legal name changed. All they need to make sure is that the name on their credit card gets changed too although the process may differ and vary because of the reason why they’re getting it changed if you think that this is going to be really confusing or hectic, then you need not worry because we have listed all the solutions to your problems as well as highlighted the important key factors in the article that will help.

How can you easily get your name changed on your credit card?

Changing the name of your credit card is no big deal. We have listed all the minute steps and important information that will help in removing all obstacles that might come your way. Make sure to follow them accordingly.


Step 1 – Get a new Social security card by taking your marriage certificate with you!

The first and foremost step here is to get all your documents updated. For this reason, a person will have to change their names on all sorts of documents that they have. This includes previous documents as well as the current ones they have.

A person’s social security number is something that needs to get changed first. For this purpose, all they will need is to get themselves a printout of a new application form. Once they have received the hard copy of the application they will fill it out and visit the SSA office i.e. Social Security Administration office. Remember to bring your marriage certificate with you there in case you are married. The SSA agent will then ask the person to show the documents mentioned below.

  • Your marriage document (in case the person applying is a woman who just got married).
  • Your court order.
  • If you are a divorcee you will have to take your divorce decree with you.
  • Your certificate of naturalization must show a new name.

If the person is a citizen of the United States, it is important for him to prove his citizenship. Not to forget make sure they keep all of their documents with them because these documents will help in proving your identity at the SSA office.

At the SSA office, you will meet an agent that will recheck all the documents you have as well as the filled application form. Once he has rechecked all your documents he will forward your application and simply return the documents that include your marriage certificate, etc. You will then receive your new social security card within four weeks. Keep a check on your mail so you don’t miss out.

Step 2 – Now contact your mobile phone company or your utility company

The second step the person will have to make is getting his recent utility bills. This will reflect and become proof of their new last name. This can be simply done through their mobile phones. In case they ask for any sort of further proof, their marriage certificate will do a great job.

It is always a good option to get your name changed on your bills early because this will help you in avoiding extra problems that may occur.


Step 3 – Get the names registered on your motor vehicles changed

In order to completely change your name on all of your major documents, always remember that your motor vehicle documents should also be updated.

Changing the name on your motor vehicle documents won’t be a problem because many places only require a person’s marriage certificate and social security number while other places may ask for other details documents such as his bank statement or utility bills.

Step 4 – Get your bank accounts updated

The third step is to get your bank accounts up to date. If a person has received his National identity card as well as his social security card, all he needs to do is keep his bank account updated.

Keeping your bank account updated is not difficult because this can be done easily. A person can get his debit card updated even if his credit card is taking some time to process the application. Not to forget, he will have to take his marriage certificate with him at the time he visits the bank.


Step 5 – Get your new credit card issued

The most important thing when getting a new credit card is an updated version of your ID card. Once a person has received his updated national identity card, applying for a new credit card will be easy because it is important that the names on both cards match.

There are card issuers that provide this facility online while there are also some of them who will ask you to simply pay them a visit at your branch. This varies from bank to bank. The entire process of changing your credit card will only take 7 to 10 days.

Following the steps mentioned above will easily help you to change your name on your credit card. We really hope it helps.


Issuers and different policies they have

Since the policies of issuers vary, similarly, the process mentioned above may vary from bank to bank too. For this reason, we have summarized a quick and brief list of how they can be different from one another.

  • Chase

The customer service of this company has a simple process. All you need to do is fill out and form and simply mail/fax them. They will check your documents and change your name automatically. This way you will not have to visit the branch yourself.

  • American Express

AmEx has an amazing facility for providing you your updated card. All you have to do is visit their online page, change your name there and simply add or upload a picture of your updated driver’s license. Upon checking the above details, they will simply send you your new card at your doorstep.

  • Bank of America

When talking about Bank of America, keep in mind that changing or updating your credit card name cannot be done online. A person wishing to get it changed will have to pay a visit to the bank to get it done.

  • Citi

However, Citi bank is providing the best facility as compared to others. All the customers/users of this bank can get it changed right away. All they need to do is contact Citi bank over the phone and tell them their query. Citi bank will first process the application and then mail them their new card as soon as they can.


What else places should you get your name changed?

If you are applying to get your name changed on your credit card, make sure you also contact the list of places we have mentioned below so you can simply get it changed from there too or else you might end up facing problems or hurdles later.

  • Your nearest passport office.
  • The Alumni association.
  • Your physicians.
  • Your landlord or mortgage company if any.
  • Your insurance companies.
  • All your licensing boards.
  • Your accounts are related to the investments that you have made.
  • You’re attorney so it can automatically update your legal documents.


“I am a newlywed woman and it’s been a while I was thinking of getting my name changed on my credit card. At first I found it very difficult but later I figured out that it is pretty simple and easy although the steps and process might be time-consuming but credit and identity cards play a huge role in our lives and this was one reason why I could not compromise, knowing that this change is going to last a lifetime.”


A person’s legal name plays the most important role in his life. It is important for a person to get his documents and details up to date in order to avoid any sort of problems that he might have to face in the future and when it comes to credit cards, this is something that all of you should be really concerned about. Make sure your name on your national ID card as well as your passport, social security number, and a credit card are the same. For this purpose, you can follow the step-by-step guide we made above to help you easily do that.

Your name helps identify you when in you’re in a large group of people. If your name is changed on your ID, it should also be changed on your credit card.


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