Marvel Credit Card for all Avengers Fans!

Editor’s Note: The Marvel Credit Card is no longer accepting new applications. Unfortunately, Synchrony Discontinuing Marvel Credit Card in May.

If you recognize Iron man, Spiderman, Thor, and Hulk along with other seventeen central members of the Avengers, like Ant-Man and Dr. Strange, we have good news for you, you can now own your own customized Marvel Credit Card.

 Some may argue that this card might not be very ‘super’ as a cashback credit card but it’s highly competitive. It’s worth it if you are likely to spend your money on Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, and Peter Parker.

People who tend to buy a lot of Marvel products must check out this Marvel Credit Card while other credit card users might have a look at it merely because of innovation.

Marvel MasterCard

It offers cards in six amazing designs

The visual designs of these cards are very eye-catching and more importantly, there is a variety of cards you can choose between. There are four cards that attribute superheroes:

  • Avengers
  • Iron Man
  • Black Panther
  • Spiderman

Two cards have tenuous designs:

  • Captain America’s shield
  • A black and grey compound of Marvel superhero symbols
Marvel MasterCard spiderman

It gives substantial cashback rewards

The Marvel MasterCard might not be as lucrative as many cash-back cards but the rewards that it offers can be said to be reasonable for a specialty card. The rewards are given in the form of cash rather than points or store credit which is amazing.

You can receive 3 percent cash back on:

  • Dining out: If you wish to take care of your iron intake and order spinach then not only do you gain iron but a bonus for gaining a superhuman strength
  • Selective entertainment: a visit to amusement parks (which also include zoos and aquariums) cinemas, game stores, theatres, tickets to concerts, and digital entertainment. A visit to toy stores and book shopping ( including comic books), all of these in regard to the terms and conditions of the card
  • Marvel products and clambake: Shopping is done with your card at the official online Marvel stores and commodity corners at the assigned comic clambakes

You can earn 1 percent back on all other types of purchases.

If you are in Vegas, then useful discounts wait for you

Apart from cash back rewards; you can get discounts at Marvel Avengers Station, which is an exhibit in Las Vegas:

  • You get 20% off on tickets to Marvel Avengers Station when you are making a payment with your card at the box office
  • You get 10% off on commodities

Get Discounts Online

You can also avail discounts at online Marvel stores

  • You get a 10 percent off on the commodities available at
  • You get free delivery on during particular occasions in the year
  • You get discounts on Marvel Unlimited or Marvel Digital Comics. This includes the first three months free when joining the Marvel Digital Archives

The card is centrally dynamic

The Marvel MasterCard which is authorized by Synchrony Bank can be said to be as much free as Spiderman who swings between buildings with no annual fee at all

There is a sign-up bonus with a $25 statement credit after you have made your first purchase, which is sufficient to buy some comic books

The current APR is 16.49% – 26.49% variable

Since it’s a MasterCard, you can forecast wide acknowledgment. However, you should avoid using it in when you are shopping abroad otherwise you will have to pay a 3% transaction fee.

Perks of having a Marvel Credit card

  1. It’s very accessible

Undoubtedly, credit cards are one of the most convenient reimbursement. However, a credit card is nothing more than a single plastic card. Adjacent to that, using cash for a big purchase can be a severe inconvenience, it’s because of the massive amount of bills that have to be carried, and it also does not include the security concerns.

  1. Safety

Credit card fraud is a big concern and comes with a great deal, which also construes that there shall be numerous security measures to prevent such glitches or diminish the damages caused by them. However, credit cards can be said to be safer in comparison to other payment methods under particular circumstances.

  1. Credit formation

The Marvel Credit Card like other credit cards is beneficial in building up a credit score. This also enables the user to gain access to other financial commodities in the future. Predominantly, individuals who are interested in this can make use of this by making on-time payments whereas they can keep their balance low.

  1. Possibility of credit

Credit cards are akin to lines of credit such that they can be construed as a type of revolving credit. This suggests that credit card users can make use of the credit card till their credit limit when they have chosen it as well as a way of their choosing. Furthermore, this also ensures that they have expanded control over how they whim to pay the debt that they entail.

  1. Six distinctive card designs

Some people might be inclined towards the Marvel Credit Card as it enables them to choose between six different card designs. As of now, there are four options among these credit cards that you can choose.

  1. It has zero annual fee

It’s exciting news for the people interested in owning a Marvel Credit Card that they do not have to pay an annual fee. It not only cuts down on the total costs of being a marvel credit card user but also adds fewer circumscriptions as to ways of using it.

  1. It has only 3% cash back on certain commodities

It gives its users 3 percent cash back if they buy any commodities through, Marvel’s official commodity booths, or particular entertainment places. Basically, you will be rewarded with a Marvel credit card because of becoming Marvel customers.

  1. It provides 1% cashback on other types of acquisitions

Marvel credit card rewards its users for buying other commodities as well along with a 1% percent cash back on those acquisitions

  1. A statement credit of $25

Users whose first commodity is bought using the marvel credit card can hope for a $25 statement credit on their credit card statement. This is not exceptionally tremendous but something is better than nothing.

  1. You cannot overlook the tremendous Marvel Special offers

For the people who tend to buy a tremendous about marvel commodities, they need to hold on because Marvel’s credit card has more to offer them. An example of this could be the 10 percent discount that it provides on acquisitions that are made at Another example of this is the special discounts offered on Marvel unlimited and Marvel digital comics. Apart from that, Marvel credit card gives free delivery to the home of credit card users when they make online acquisitions from However, users who wish to avail this opportunity will have to keep track of when these offers are available since they are not offered daily but from time to time.

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of the Marvel Credit Card:


  • Marvel Credit card comes in six different credit card designs
  • On all acquisitions that you make, you get cashback rewards
  • A user can get 3% cashback on entertainment conventions
  • Marvel products come with discounts on each product every day


  • In order, to be eligible for a Marvel Credit card you need to have a credit score from 680 to 850
  • The APR is quite high in comparison to other cards


Steps to login to your Marvel Credit Card Account

Marvel Credit Card Account

After you have attained your Marvel credit card, you can make use of the online banking service provided by it. It will enable you to access your credit card account online. The Following are the steps you need to follow in order to login into your Marvel credit card account:

  • Firstly, you will have to browse the website that is of Synchrony Bank
  • After you have browsed the page, you will see the webpage of Marvel on the website of Synchrony Bank. On the left side there will be a Marvel credit card login form, from there you can sign in to your account
  • You should start by logging in, first enter your username in the first space
  • Enter your password in the space that is given in the second field
  • If you wish your system to remember your password then you can click on the box that says ‘Remember User ID’, this will enable you to remember your account details for the next time and you will not be required to enter your password each time you wish to login
  • Lastly, the user will have to click on the ‘Save Login’ button. As soon as you do that, it will enable you to gain access to the credit card account that you own.

Ways to Make Payment of your Marvel Credit Card

It is requisite to pay for the credit card every month. The following are all the likely methods of credit card payment. Basically, there are various ways as to the ways you can make the payment. However, the most advantageous and effective method is through the online banking system.

The following are the methods that will enable you to pay your credit card:

  • Via Online Banking
  • Via Phone: You can make a call on the Marvel customer service on the number; (866-612-2207) and tell them that it’s your whim to make a payment for your credit card. After that, you are requested to follow the steps that will be told by the operator
  • Via Mail: A user can also mail your payment to the address given; Marvel MasterCard, P.O Box 960061, Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Ways to register for Marvel Credit Card

Anyone who does not have the Marvel Credit Card so far can register for the Marvel credit card. The whole procedure can be completed online. The whole process will take no longer than ten minutes. You need to follow the following steps to apply for Marvel Credit Card:

  • Firstly, you need to start your browser and enter this URL into the address: You are then required to then press the enter button
  • Secondly, you are required to look for a webpage with an application form, it’s basically the webpage from where a user can apply for your card. You will then be asked to choose from the six designs that are offered in the form of the marvel credit cards
  • You will then be required to fill out the registration form in order to register for your marvel credit card. You will be required to enter your initials and surname. your home address, contact number, and email address
  • After that, you will have to provide your year-end earnings in the designated field
  • After that, you will have to choose through which procedure you wish to get the delivery of the statements
  • Following that, it will enable you to add an accredited buyer, if you suggest an accredited consumer then it will enable you to use your card immediately
  • After that, you will be required to provide  your personal details such as your social security number,  birth date, and your mother’s inaugural name
  • If you look at the bottom, a user can have a look at the terms and conditions, you are requested to read them carefully
  • After you have completed the process, you are required to tick the box that says that you agree, You are required to hit the button that says ‘Accept and Submit’
  • After that, another page will be opened with a notification that will ask if you agreed to have the marvel credit card. If you see no prompt result, the contemplation of au ser’s application can take possibly ten days
Apply Marvel Credit Card

Marvel Credit Card in comparison to Chase Freedom

Undoubtedly, the Marvel Credit Card comes with profitable bonuses and countenances. However, you might have other needs, which might make the Marvel Credit Card not advisable for you. So we have compared the Marvel Credit Card with other outperforming credit cards in the market.

Firstly, Chase Freedom tends to provide a benevolent welcome bonus. For example, if a user spends more than $500 during the first three months, you are eligible to get an initial bonus of $150, which in comparison to other credit cards in the market is higher. Moreover, it also makes you enjoy a fifteen-month APR course on transfers and acquisitions. This is very beneficial since you get free expenditure.

Something that is very impressive about the Marvel Credit Card is the number of cashback rewards that you get. More importantly, you can decide on the chosen categories every quarter. A user can gain 5% cashback on these chosen divisions of around $1500. In comparison to Marvel Credit Card, it’s far more as the cashback rewards that it offers is 3 percent. But just like a Marvel Credit Card, you are likely to get 1% cashback on all other types of acquisitions.

If you have a high amount of expenditure just not on entertainment as well as other divisions, the Chase Freedom credit card might be more beneficial to you. Apart from that, chase freedom provides a great welcome bonus and free financing which can be very significant. However, if you tend to be a Marvel fan then the Marvel Credit Card should be your choice.

Marvel MasterCard Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

How arduous it is to get Marvel Credit Card?

In order to own a marvel credit card, it is requisite for the applicant to attain a credit score of almost 680. This suggests that it is quite arduous to obtain a credit card from Marvel.

Ways of getting a Marvel Credit Card?

Once you ensure that you are eligible to apply for the Marvel Credit Card (for example being 18 years or above, being an official inhabitant of the US, and the ascribed credit score), you are required to capitulate an online application.

What are the benefits of having a Marvel Credit Card?

The Marvel Credit Card comes with many benefits. A user can gain a 3 percent cashback on eating out, selective entertainment, and purchases with Marvel, along with a 1% cashback on other types of acquisitions. Furthermore, the card also provides advantageous discounts and non-cost delivery. And you must not overlook the customized designs.

Comprehensively, the Marvel Credit Card can be said to be a pretty tremendous thing. The credit card is interlinked with all the significant networks, all thanks to the MasterCard amalgamation. Because of this, you can use your Marvel Credit Card wherever you wish to use it. Significantly, all of the special offers from Marvel are very beneficial for its fans.

Review of Marvel Credit Card

As a fan of Marvel, owning a Marvel credit card turned out to be the best decision I had made. I had chosen my own customized Spiderman marvel credit card that I now flaunt among my family and friends. My 6-year son gets very intrigued whenever he sees my spider man marvel credit card. I make use of all the special offers offered by Marvel Credit Card and it helps me earn cashback rewards. What I absolutely love about this card is that it comes in handy whenever and wherever I chose to use it.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you are an Avengers fan then apply, activate, and log in to the Marvel Credit Card to get jittered with all the marvel characters.

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