Privacy Policy

Introduction takes full responsibility to protect and safeguard the privacy of the personal information that our users provide to us in confidence. The following policy for privacy is taken and modified from a policy originally generated by Automattic (, which outlines the details of how we will handle the information that you would provide to us when you visit our website or use our links. Hence, you must thoroughly go through the following privacy policy in detail.

Website Visitors

Following the footsteps of established operators, only assembles that information that is not personal or identifiable which includes information which Internet Service Providers and web browsers make accessible for websites for example the type of browser, preference of language, reference sites, date and time of visit. The sole purpose of collecting this information is only to understand more clearly of how each user uses our’s web pages.

Collection of Personally-Identifying Information

There are certain users and visitors of’s websites who adopt such a way of interaction that makes it necessary for to collect the personally identifying information. However, the nature of information that is collected by is dependent upon the type of interaction that the user adopts. But still wherever considered necessary only assembles information which will appropriately fill the purpose of understanding the user’s interaction with our website.

Aggregated Statistics

In order to understand the behavior and psychology of their users, may also assemble related statistics. For example, may also keep an eye on the most visited or frequently accessed blogs, may choose to share this information in a public setting or give such information to others, but even in such cases would never share any personally identifying information other than in circumstances stated below.

Protection of Certain Personally-Identifying Information would only choose to share the personally indentifying information or the information that is potentially personally identifying only to their employees, organizations that are affiliated and other contractors who

  1. Require such information if they are processing it on the behalf of or to give services stated on websites
  2. To those who have signed and agreed that they would never share this information with any other party.


A cookie can be described that piece of information that a particular website will store on the device or computer of any of the user so that the browser that the user is using will provide that website on each visit by the user in future. makes use of these saved cookies to assist in identification and tracking of the users, how they use the website and their choice of access for the website.


The advertisements appearing on any of the sites will be provided to the users by the partners in advertisements who may also select the cookies. These types of cookies will help the advertisers in recognition on the user’s device every time the advertisers will send an online request to assemble information regarding you or others who will use your device.

Links to Third Party Sites

This privacy policy is only applicable to the information assembled by and is in no way applicable to the terms and services of the third party companies that are not under the ownership or control of or of their employees that is not responsible for. consists of links of many third party companies and any information that you will give or that is assembled by any of these third party sites will be assessed by the policies of those particular websites if they have any. We would strongly advise all the users to go through the privacy policies of those websites.


All types of information assembled whether it is non-personally identifiable, potentially personally identifiable or personally identifiable is stored on secure servers with restricted access.

Changes in Privacy Policy may change or modify its privacy policy every now and then even if the changes are small and insignificant but are at the discretion of However these changes are done without any notification to any of its users and would advise its visitors to check this policy page frequently to stay updated regarding the policy. You automatically accept and are subjected to the privacy policy when you chose to visit our website continuously.