Check Your HarborTouch Gift Card Balance Online!

Customers who receive the gift card can utilize all HarborTouch gift card balance stored in the card at until it expires. The card does not have to be used in a single visit and the balance can be used to make multiple purchases that span over a specified time period. However, customers may often forget how much they have spent and how much HarborTouch gift card balance is remaining. They can do this by using the online portal designed by HarborTouch for this specific purpose only.

Follow these instructions to find out your HarborTouch gift card balance from home:

  1. Open the following website from your laptop computer or smartphone device
  2. Enter the gift card number printed on your card in the empty field given on the page.
  3. Click Go to and the website will display the remaining HarborTouch gift card balance

It is not easy to keep track of all receipts and then calculate how much balance you have on your gift card. It is also not possible for customers to visit the store to verify the balance. If you get to know the HarborTouch gift card balance beforehand you can plan your next purchase accordingly and avoid facing any surprises when you are checking out.

HarborTouch has created this website to make it easy for their customers to keep track of their payments and purchases.

About HarborTouch

HarborTouch is the leading Point of Sale systems supplier in the United States. The company deals in checkout solutions and billing systems for small, medium-scale to large retail outlets. The company also designs, creates and provides gift cards to the retailers who use their services. These gift cards can be used at that specific retailer only and comes in different amounts and benefits. The gift cards are accepted by the HarborTouch POS checkout machines as a mode of payment and can be used to buy anything from the store they have been given out by.

6 thoughts on “ Check Your HarborTouch Gift Card Balance Online!

  1. I have a IRON restaurant gift card that was given to me about 2 years ago in $100.00. I have never used it and want to tomorrow. But when I check the balance I get a message that reads invalid gift card

  2. Same thing with my card … I think I used a small part of the $100.00 but it now says the card is invalid ???

  3. I received a Harbortouch gift card 2 years ago as well as a gift. It was for 100.00 for a local restaurant. Due to illness, we couldn’t use it – when we were finally able to go, the restaurant had changed hands and states that my card is invalid. As the money was received – I think it’s terrible that we’re now holding a worthless card. You received 100.00 for nothing and I think that is a disgrace especially since this was a gift and the giver would feel awful. Please at least try to explain this really lousy situation.

  4. I have a $100.00 gift card don’t know if I have used it when in to check the balance and t tells me that it’s invalid. Is there a number I can call. Would it been activated when it was purchase. Thank you

  5. Have two gift cards from the same restaurant and i put in either set of numbers it says it’s invalid??????

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