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If you want to move on in the word you need to be hardworking and independent. You need to be your own man. No matter what job you choose we wish you the best. If you choose in which you need a uniform you need it to be reliable and efficient. Worklife Online offers the user with the best and durable professional uniforms regarding their line of work.

WorkLife Online

How to access Worklife Online

If you have an Active Directory Account you can log into it here on If you have an account you can easily access by providing a username and password. This portal is operated by AmeriPride Linen & Uniform Services. AmeriPride offers everything from uniform services to facility services to linens and towels. The homepage on says that you must have an Active Directory account to log in using the top login button.  Active Directory is a special-purpose database that is designed to handle a large number of read and search functions and have a smaller number of program changes and updates. You can easily login to your account now by clicking on either of the orange buttons on the screen and entering your information.

Benefits of using Worklife Online

Worklife cares about their customers a lot, here are the few benefits that you can enjoy:

  • The best thing is that it is a completely online based service that comes with its own advantages.
  • You can access this site through your tablet, phone or any other thing with internet in it.
  • Any information that you give them is completely protected by the high-end confidentiality agreement that is set by the customer care.
  • You are guaranteed to receive the best and clean uniforms at any time.
  • If you register for this you can change your information anytime you want as nothing is permanent.

About Worklife Online

Worklife Online is the best in the business they offer the best online uniform rental service to consumers who are in the professional market. They provide services like providing linen, uniform, floor mats, restrooms and cleaning products to their customers. They provide many more services to their user, you should definitely check them out.

If you go to their page you will also notice that in addition to having login instructions in English, there are also instructions listed for your convenience in French as well. When you have read through the easy instructions you can click on the orange “Go To My WorkLife” button to redirect you to the login window.  After you have entered your username and password you can click on the grey “Sign in” button in order to gain access to your account.

AmeriPride uses My Work Life to facilitate their needs. My WorkLife is a type of performance management software that is geared towards not only employee development but also effective management and real business growth. By signing up with My WorkLife you can get fifteen members of your associate team started with free instant access by entering your work email. They have made many achievements in this business and their empire is still spreading.

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