Code (Apply Prosper Personal Loan)

SaveWithProsper is a pre-approved mail offer from Prosper for a personal loan.

Rates will vary and differ per customer.

Prosper offers fixed-term loans of amounts between $20,000 to $40,000.

Simply visit to apply.

The Pre-Approved Prosper Offer is given out to people who meet the initial criteria required to be eligible for a loan. The Pre-Approved Prosper Offer is often sent out to people in their mail by the company after assessing their basic information. It can also be provided through partners or Prosper who have your financial data and think you are a candidate likely to receive the loan.

The Pre-Approved Prosper Offer is not the final offer and does not confirm whether or not you will receive the loan. You still have to apply for the loan through the Prosper website by following the steps given above. The institution will determine whether or not you are worthy of financing by going through your credit history in detail. Once you are declared eligible for the loan you can receive the amount and pay it back at a fixed rate.

Prosper Personal Loan Terms

APRs: 6.95% – 35.99%

Loan Amount: $2,000 – $40,000

Loan Terms: 36 or 60 months

Origination Fee: 2.41% – 5%

Prepayment Fee: None

Late Fee: 5% (min $15)

Minimum Credit Score: Fair*

Minimum Income: Not disclosed

Loan Purpose: Debt Consolidation, Home Improvement, Big Purchase

Time to Receive Loan Money: 3 – 10 business days

Other Requirements: 18 years old, U.S. citizen/permanent resident, SSN (Social Security Number)

Save with Prosper Requirements and Application Info

Credit Score: Applicants must have a credit score 650 or above to qualify for a personal loan with Prosper.

Income requirement: Save with Prosper does not disclose minimum income requirements.

Applicant Age: must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a Save with prosper personal loan.

Nationality requirement: You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Identification: You must have a Social Security number (SSN).

How to apply for a personal loan: There are two ways you can apply for a personal loan.

  1. Online Method: Official Website
  2. Over Phone:  (866) 615-6319

Co-applicant loans: Prosper also allows for joint loans.

Apply for mail offer: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to avail your Pre-Approved Prosper Offer right now

  • Open the website by clicking on the following link from your computer:
  • Enter the 8-digit personal offer or confirmation code you have already received
  • Enter the amount you want to borrow and then click Continue
  • You will be required to provide personal information including credit score and financial history before you can receive the loan amount.

Is Prosper Personal Loans Are Legit?

Yes, Prosper is registered to do business in the states it services, which is a legal requirement to be a legitimate lender.

Rating: Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

WalletHub’s editors: 3.7

About Save with Prosper

Prosper was the first peer-to-peer lender in the United States of America and since then they have emerged as a financial giant that has funded more than $12 billion in loans to 810,000 people. People can fund each other’s loans through the system and get financially rewarded. Individual and group investors can earn the returns from the money they have lent out. The institution also makes Pre-Approved Prosper Offer to people who want to apply for a loan. This is a special protocol that is for certain types of borrowers and they can apply for a loan online through the dedicated website.

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